3-Arm Sprinkler Heavy Duty

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Die-cast aluminium base with 2 wheels. Three revolving arms evenly spread water coverage over a wide area. Solid brass 1/2" quick-release connector. Daisy chain facility connects more than one sprinkler together to water larger areas. Performance depends on water pressure and number of sprinklers daisy chained together. Increase water pressure to improve performance if required.

Bar Code 675070
Price € 19.68
Each Width 0.06
Each Height0.19
Each Length 0.235
Each Weight (KG) 0.491
Outer Width 0.356
Outer Height 0.21
Outer Length 0.48
Outer Weight (KG) 7.66
Inner Width 0
Inner Height 0
Inner Length 0
Inner Weight (KG) 0
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